cigar hygrometer

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cigar hygrometer
Are my cigarettes still fresh?

are kept in a humidor that green flower foam used to humidify the humidor is made of cedar burl inside and I cleaned the wood when you buy and always use distilled water. the thing is the hygrometer always reads 50 and low but it's like 70% humidity is actually 50% cuzz its not accuate. I have tried to regulate it, but no, my cigas feel a little stiff. How I can know if they are still good. thanks

Rub them between your fingers, like rolling a joint. If you can hear on the label "wrinkle", then you need more moisture. I'm assuming they are not plastic. If you need to adjust your humidor, a damp paper towel and drain. Place in a large plastic bag and more than twice as often. Put the cigars and seal. This is just a stop gap procedure. Do not leave more than a couple of days as this could lead to mold in a period of time. Good luck

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