antique cigar ashtrays


antique cigar ashtrays
I would like to see a picture of the coat of arms of Philip V or Spanish coin from1617?

I found a silver tray with a bowl of ashes a coin in the bottom of Philipp V with a coat of arms. Bottom of the ashtray Hispania RVM REX 1617 coin has handle container like a cup with another currency bent to maintain cigars or cigarettes (?). Pure silver, not plated. Located in the antique store garbage for $ 5.00.

Here is a link to the single currency Felipe III I could find on eBay. The coin is of low quality, so not much detail. A coin of ears with a full date would be worth much more, if genuine. Philip V was king of Spain almost 100 years later. Http: / / The mint mark and initial test would be to the left of the coat of arms. The actual name would be right in the coat of arms. These coins are rather rare with the date, mint mark, assayer, designation, and the legend visible to everyone. Here is a coin of Philip V ear now on eBay. The mint mark (Mo = City of Mexico) is visible. Http: / /

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